Arkin Lab Stuff

These pages contain the various work-products of the laboratory either suitable or harmless for public consumption. (We hope.)

Manuscripts is the list and links to publications by lab members.

Software is the list of downloadable software developed by the group (and some links to freeware used by the group).

Invited Talks is a set of Powerpoint presentations given by lab members. The full presentations are downloadable. Please give credit with any slide you use for your own presentations.

Data, Models, & Simulations contains links to databases, model specifications and simulation output published by the laboratory. The page also contains links to other sites of interest with like data.

Workshop and Class Notes are links to web-sites and presentations made for internal lab workshops, external workshops, classes of various sorts, etc. As above, any use of this material should be cited.

Journals are links to some of the on-line journals and literature search tools we like.


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