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Title PIs Agency Submitted LINK Status
Interaction of Genome and Cellular Microenvironment. Mina Bissell, et al. DOE 4/1/98 [PDF] Year 2/3
Molecular Design Institute II Jean Frechett, Ehud Isacoff, Carolyn Bertozzi, Shimone Weiss, John Ngai, Adam Arkin, et al. ONR 10/1/98 [PDF] Year 2/3
Instant Cell Analysis Harley McAdams, Roger Brent, Ron Davis, Adam Arkin DARPA 7/19/99 [N/A] Year 2/3
Integrated Physiome Analysis Adam Arkin DOE 10/1/99 [PDF] Year 1/1
Structural/Functional Genomics and Pathways: D. radiodurans and B. subtilis Teresa Head-Gordon, Stephen R. Holbrook, Daniel Rokhsar, Adam Arkin DOE 10/1/99 [PDF] Year 1/3


Title PIs Agency Submitted LINK Status
Alliance for Cellular Signaling Alfred Gilman, Henry Bourne, Mel Simon, et al. NIH 2/1/00 [WEB] Admin
Engineering Analysis of a Genetic Switch John Little, Adam Arkin ONR 3/1/00 [PDF]


A System for Functional Analysis and Engineering of Bacillus subtilis Don Naki, Adam Arkin LSI 5/22/00 [PDF] Out


Title PIs Agency Submitted LINK Status
Center for Nutritional Genomics Ron Krauss, Hei Sook Sul, Barry Shane, Adam Arkin, Chris Vulpe, Saira Mian NIH 2/16/00 [PDF] Out
Complex and Orthogonal Control of Gene Expression: Engineering Model Systems for Industrial Application Jay Keasling, Denise Wolf, Adam Arkin NSF 3/1/00 [PDF] Rerouted to NIH
Collaborative Cross-scale Bioinformatics Tool Development Inna Dubchak, Eddy Rubin, Adam Arkin DOE 3/1/00 [PDF] Out
Whole proteome reagents and devices as data collection platforms for biological modeling and design Roger Brent, Guri Giaever, Ron Davis, Adam Arkin DARPA 3/15/00 [PDF] Out
Miniature Bioprocess Array: A Platform for Quantitative Physiology

Jay Keasling, Roger Howe, Stephen Smith, Adam Arkin

NSF 3/30/00 [PDF] Out
DNA arrays for assessing pollutant removing potential of environmental systems Jay Keasling, David Jenkins, Adam Arkin NSF 4/15/00 [PDF] Out
Software for Numerical Simulation of Microscale Biological Systems Susan L. Graham, Adam Arkin, Paul Hilfinger, Dorian Liepmann, Oliver O’Reilly, and Katherine Yelick NSF 4/17/00 [PDF] Out
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